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Kalencom’s Amy Butler collection is a collaboration with Amy Butler, a designer from Ohio, who is well known in the craft world for her fabric designs and patterns. Amy is widely credited within the textile design industry for having opened the door for many younger designers who produce vibrantly-patterned fabrics. Inspired by her surroundings, friends, family, nature and the rich textures of everyday life, Amy creates beautiful, feminine designs from a very intimate point of view. Her bags, made with organic cotton, low impact dyes and the highest grade leather accents and trims, confidently exhibit an air of modern grace while maintaining impeccable detailed quality. The collection features oversized travel accessories, cosmetic bags, totes, wallets and some tech pieces. The compelling style and print design of Amy Butler and the detailed quality and practicality of Kalencom come together to create beautiful and hardworking bags for creative living!

The Kalencom Corporation is a multi-faceted Domestic and International manufacturer, made up of four distinct divisions. Kalencom was founded in 1971. Both our corporate headquarters and main plant are located in New Orleans in our own four-story, 60,000 sq. ft. facility, and our secondary self owned 62,000 sq. ft. distribution and manufacturing plant in Mississippi. We have five extensive manufacturing plant resources located in Asia, and additional subcontracting facilities located both in the U.S. and overseas. Our marketing distribution concentrates in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, South & Central America and Europe. Our customer base concentration varies with each division, where we range from manufacturing under contract for manufacturers and wholesalers to manufacturing directly to distributors and retailers.

For distribution opportunities or international sales information, please contact us.

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